Sunday, May 15, 2016

Part I: Camicia Construction Update and the Battle of the Fraying Fabric

IRCC May  Update

I am currently working on my camicia as my chosen underpinning for my costume. I was tempted to get a pattern for the camicia from Dravon Works, but a fellow costumer suggested a pretty good tutorial .  I am currently working on it in fine cotton gauze.  The instructions do need a little more improvement, which  sometimes make me think I should have went for the pattern at Dravon Works, but this pattern looks great so because  it uses 3 yards of fabric rather than 7+ yards as stated on the Dravon Works pattern.  After a delay for a couple of weeks,   because I was doing some work on my parents’ house, I was able to get the pattern drafted out.   

The fabric I am working with is a little difficult to sew. It has a way of fraying as I sew it, so I have purchased a proper lawn to work with instead. Since this will be the case, I will hold off on doing Blackwork on this camicia, so that I can keep the pace of my progress on my costume.  I was able to do the collar and I did struggle with the slit facing a little bit, most likely because the fabric was so delicate. When I was battling with the fraying while putting in the gores, that’s when I decided to just get a sturdier fabric to use. I shall keep you all posted! 

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