Monday, November 11, 2013

Brrrrrr! Get ready for winter time sewing!

It's getting pretty chilly outside. My furnace is coming on even more now. It feels like summer was just here. Maybe because the wasps were still hanging around like it was August. Almost time for the holiday season to officially start. What are your winter sewing plans? I think I will tackle an 1880s bustle dress, and cut out my 1860s navy Greek key design dress. First I better get my sawhorses done for my quilt frame to lay up on. I'm a busy bee! I can't forget to polish up my blog for my fans. Must share so much beauty with you all! Below, is something warm that I would be happy to snuggle into. Enjoy!

English dressing Gown, circa 1866 designed by Jane Mason; Twill wool printed with polychrome cashmere pattern; no waist seam at front, but there is volume at side back; front opening with wrapped button and matching belt. Kyoto Costume Institute, Japan. Follow my blog with Bloglovin